How to Increase Your Libido and Have Better Sex Life

How can a man lose their sex drive? Why their libido is destroyed and sex life at the lowest point? It all comes down to the testosterones. Testosterone is the hormone that characterizes the male sex and when down it lowers libido, sex drive and can ruin the sex life.


2 Types of Testosterone Deficiency

The testes lose the ability to produce this hormone even though the testes “think” they are producing it. This type of deficiency can be easily diagnosed by a blood test that will show the levels of testosterone. In this case, the pituitary gland is informing the testes to produce T, but they have lost their ability to do so and the pituitary gland continues to create LH (luteinizing hormone) because the testosterone levels in the blood are low. In other words, there isn’t enough testosterone to send a feedback and shut down the pituitary gland.

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In other cases, the gland can’t produce enough LH. This prevents the testes from producing testosterone. Again, a blood test can determine if enough LH is secreted ( 

By knowing these two reasons on why testosterone levels go down the right treatment can be given. Once the right treatment is given, the testosterone will start to rise steadily without shocking the body. There are different types of treatments such as injections, cream, oral and patches and these will start to increase the sex drive too.

Soon the person will start to feel even better than before and in more different areas and not only in libido and sex drive. The energy levels will be increased, increased weight loss and muscle growth, etc.

As a person on testosterone replacement therapy, monitoring is a must. This will help in keeping the testosterone in the normal range and if not, the doctor may increase or change the therapy.