Factors That Cause Low Testosterone Levels

 The latest craze that is sweeping the world is testosterone replacement in men that are 30-60 years old. This is because that is the period when the testosterone levels are low. Usually, they visit the doctor with symptoms as depression and fatigue and it is simply diagnosed by a lab test. When the levels are determined and low T is the result a prescription for testosterone patch, gel or pill is given. Then everyone is happy, the patient, the doctor even the manufacturer of the product. 

But almost no one asks the logical question: what causes the deficiency of male hormone? Healthy men should produce normal levels of testosterone until they die. Low levels will only indicate poor health.

Refined Carbohydrates

Everything that we eat today is saturated with refined carbohydrates. This is the causes for elevated testosterone levels in females, even before diabetes occurs. Elevated insulin suppress the production of testosterone and it will take years of special diet to restore the insulin and get everything else in order. 

Hormones in Meat

Today beef, diary products and pork are full with hormones. And if tou are a meat person then now you know why your manhood is down. Change your diet and start eating more veggies. They support your health and normal production of hormones. When consuming meat and diary make sure is grass-fed and hormone-free.Female-boxer


Moderate beer consumption has proven to be an enemy to your testosterone. This is because it lowers it by approximately 7%. The hops that are found in beer have estrogen and it affects the T. Actually, the properties of hops are very strong and can help women for overcoming menopause symptoms like hot flashes.

If you are thinking to check the testosterone do it right away and do it in the morning, when their levels are at peak. If it is done another time of the day you might get a falsely low resoult