Infertility and Low Testosterone

 If your testosterone levels are low you might find it difficult to get yourself aroused and it stalls the sex drive. In some cases it can also cause erectile dysfunction.

TRT, testosterone replacement therapy can help you with this problem and get your sex life in order. However, if you are thinking of having children there is one disadvantage that comes with it. Yes, it gives your sex life back but the ability to father children might reduce.

It might seems unreasonable because testosterone are responsible for sperm production but let me explain why.


The brain gets the “wrong” message


When you start your T therapy the levels will go up and your brain will get that message too. There is a special hormone that transfers this message. Then the brain will give a signal that there is enough testosterone and it will stop the testes to produce testosterone (niedrigem testosteron). When this happens, the sperm production lowers too. And you probably already know, low sperm means less chance to conceive. 

Boosting Fertility While On TRT

If you have low testosterone and you are on TRT and you want o conceive there is a way to increase the chances. The sperm counts while on TRT can be improved by gonadotropin injections. Also, it is considered the best solution for increasing men’s fertility when trying to conceive.

When couples are having trouble with getting pregnant the first test is to check the man’s sperm count. If the test shows the count is low then the next step is to check the testosterone levels.

It is also advised changing of lifestyle; changing your diet, regular exercise and lose weight if overweight. Shedding the extra weight will have a positive impact on fertility. Plus you can add food to your diet that is known to boost fertility and sperm count.

Causes of elevated testosterone levels in females

elevated testosterone levels in females

Hair loss, acne, weight gain, are just a few of the symptoms that detect high testosterone levels in women. If you do have high T levels you do know that it is critical for your health. But if not it is important to keep track of it if you even see one of the symptoms. But what can cause this sudden elevation of T? 

It is important to know the reasons so that you can approach the problem using the right treatment. In some cases, you might be lucky and regulate it with changing of lifestyle but in some (if the levels are really high) you might need a specific treatment that your doctor will prescribe.

Insulin Resistance 

The link between testosterone and insulin resistance is very strong. Elevated levels of insulin can be the causes of elevated testosterone levels in females, both high and low. The difference is in the gender. In men, it will cause low T and in females, it can cause low and high T.

However, if you are suffering from both high insulin and testosterone levels then it is certainly connected with a hormone imbalance.

Progesterone/Estrogen Imbalance

Think it like a spider web; all hormones interact with each other. If one is imbalanced the other will too. This is true for the female sex hormones, progesterone, and estrogen. It is simply if a change happens in the levels of progesterone/estrogen it affects the levels of the testosterone.

Leptin Levels – Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone that might be a reason why you are not able to lose weight and also keep it off. This hormone is secreted from the fat cells and it should control the metabolism and appetite and signals the brain to burn fat. When the levels of this hormone are high, in other work leptin resistance the brain won’t get the information and it will do the opposite effect.

So, your metabolism will start to slow down and your brain will send you signals that you are hungry all the time. Plus it will refuse to burn all the excess fat. Connecting it with testosterone, high leptin levels will increase the T levels too.

2 Main Causes of sudden increase in Testosterone

It is in nature way after the 30th birthday the testosterone levels in females to start dropping approximately 1% each year but this process is stable. This tells us that the symptoms that come will testosterone deficiency won’t be seen right away, and if so it means there is something else that made the sudden drop (Weiterlesen).

The body cannot stand a dramatic change and this condition can bring serious health issues. If you are starting to experience the symptoms that low levels of this hormone bring you should find out what is the cause before it damages your body. Luckily you will find out now where to find the cause. 

Your Medication

There are medications can easily cause a sudden drop in testosterone. These are the most common medications:

  • Anabolic steroids that are used for muscle growth and also improving the athletic performance;

  • Prednisone and other types of glucocorticoid drugs;

  • Opioid drugs like OxyContin, MS Contin, and fentanyl.

However, you should never stop taking these medications without approval from your doctor. If you think that one of these medications is the cause discuss it with your doctor and let him determine if they are the problem. If yes, then he will change the dosage or change the type of medicine.female testosterone

Concurrent Illness

Stress has been known to bring many health issues and sudden drop of T too. Emotional stress and/or physical stress from a surgery or illness can cause a temporarily shut down of the reproductive system. So, the testis won’t be creating the testosterone that you need. If you find yourself here then you should take action right away, start a therapy, and change your diet and lifestyle.

You can ask your doctor to give you supplements or any advice on dieting to help you boost your testosterone levels or help you activate them.

Ask These Questions Before Starting On Testosterone Supplements

When talking about testosterone hormones there are still men that are not sure what they actually do to their body. In fact, that is the main problem and testosterone deficiency is not detected. The signs that represent low levels of these hormones are most of the time confused. This problem starts after the age of 30 and it is most noticeable from 40 and up. This period men mostly blame the age, stressed and busy life for their healthy problems like not able keep their weight regulated and/or less sex arousal. In one-way age is the blame but this doesn’t mean you can’t take actions. 

Using supplements can cure testosterone deficiency. But before starting on them it is important to ask yourself the questions that will give you the right answer.

Questions to detect testosterone deficiency 

1. Is your sexual desire nonexistent/a rare occurrence?

2. Are you more easily frustrated?

3. Are you frequently irritable or sad?

4. Is your energy down and you can’t do your usual daily routine?

5. Are you gaining weight?

6. Has your endurance and/or strength decreased?

7. Is your performance at work lowered?

8. Are the morning erections missing or less?

9. Is your stress level higher than usual?

10. Do you have trouble sleeping?


These questions are easily answered with yes and no. If you answered at least 1-2 questions with yes then you might be having a problem with low testosterone levels. To make the statement strong it is essential to visit your doctor and tell him about your symptoms and the self-assessment test you made. He will do a test to check your hormones. Once determined he will give you all the best advice on how to regulate the levels and also tell you about the best testosterone supplements that you can start using.